Monday, September 29, 2014

Final Report for This Trip

After reporting on the last day of lectures in northern Luzon, I had a day of travel on Friday, flying from Tuguegarao to Manila. With a good night’s sleep, it was another day of travel from Manila to Angeles City. However, Saturday’s travel was by bus — always an interesting journey here in the Philippines. The traffic in Manila was unusually heavy, especially for a Saturday. So, the trip took about an hour and a half more than normal. Upon arriving Angeles City, Lordy Salunga picked me up. We went for a quick supper and he took me to the hotel where I prepared for preaching the next day.

On the Lord’s day, I preached a two-part sermon on “The Blood of Christ and the Salvation of the Sinner” which I preached at home a few weeks ago. Here, I did the first part during the Bible class and the second during the assembly. There was a denominational lady present that they have been teaching. There were no visible responses. Immediately after the services, Lordy took me back to catch a bus as their schedule was very busy. The trip took far less time to get back to Manila — the shortest trip between Angeles and Manila I have ever had.

Today (Monday), I was taken by Ely Ebeunga to the maximum security prison in Muntinlupa to meet Kathy and get a document needed for Willie’s release, then go to another government office in Manila for another document needed. After some delay, it appears the needed documents have now been satisfied. Please keep this matter in your prayers that he may soon be released.

Tomorrow morning, I fly out on my way back home, the Lord willing. If I counted correctly in reviewing my reports, there have been 12 souls baptized into Christ during this two-week effort. I have talked with Jonathan Carino today with preliminary plans for another trip to the Visayas starting in early November. With my illness over the past several months, I am far behind in meeting invitations to preach. This trip answered commitments that were 2 years old. The Lord willing, the next trip will answer requests from denominational preachers and denominational churches that have asked us to come for several months to over a year. The field is indeed white to harvest! I am thankful to God for His blessings to allow me to take part in the work again. I am also thankful to each of you for helping to support and encourage this work. Without you, it would not be possible and I cannot adequately express my thanks for your help. God bless!